January 1st 2017




May 13th

Cameen  releases a new pre-Summer fun Single.


Artist: Cameen

Title: “Friday’s”

Review by: Charles Sweet


As we gear up for the summertime, now is the time for those anthems and Cameen, well aware of this has blessed the game with “Friday’s”, a song sure to be in heavy rotation during the hot months ahead. “Friday’s” sets the tone and allows Cameen’s voice to mix superbly in the midst of an enticing track to create an arousing record that best shows a focused artist who has no problems utilizing his vast array of skills to architect a master work. It’s arguably more evident than ever before that Cameen has a strong understanding of what women want and can craft songs to meet that demand expertly. Cameen’s voice is silky as red wine, trading stunning vocals on an up-tempo track that best outlines his bridge between the old and new school.


There are times when instrumentals tend to outshine the artists who feature them. This is not one of those times as the two work in tandem to craft something remarkably fit for the clubs and in all honesty I wouldn’t be surprised if this gets the video treatment—the solidified nature of the track being exceedingly top ten is undeniable.


His smoky voice reminds of a young Tyrese with an eye towards the weekend. Being able to transition from bedroom music to soundtracks for stepping out, “Friday’s” is steamy, contemporary and very much grown folk music. Rather than go down the path most traveled in creating a song reflective of materialism, “Friday’s” is all about the fun and fancy—his quick-witted penmanship serves him well here over the Major Keyz production. I would personally love to hear these two work together more in the future as this, by far, is the sound that fits Cameen best and the duo capitalize upon that to create a dynamically impressive cut. Overall, this is the best musical effort I’ve heard from Cameen hands down and if it serves as any indication, his time is now.


Artist: Cameen

Title: “Friday’s”

Rating: 5 (out of 5 stars)

Review by: Charles Sweet


“I love how your voice sounds.”

Candace R



“What an awesome song Cameen.”  -Mark Dube



“This song gives such a cool and surreal visual that it takes me to my summers on Venice beach.”





February 2016


Valentines Days single release:

Tell Me Why

“I love how your voice sounds through out the track.”


Candace R

NU Student Org


” A modern day Luther Vandross right here.”

Sharae C

Brooklyn NY







June 2015

Cameen drops new R&B-Hip/Hop Style Club track



“A solid track that never crosses into the uncomfortable listening zone.”

Terry La






















” R&B, singer/songwriter Cameen borrows from a wide array of musical genres to offer a cutting-edge Urban R&B/Soul and pop sound that’s flavored with the right pinch of hip-hop. 

He unabashedly uses his lifelong connection to jazz, blues and R&B to create music that is sensual and spiritual. His style is at once timely and progressive: He’s a singer who makes the most of melodic complexity, unforgettable hooks and radio-ready beats. Cameen’s personality, flair, and steadfast professional work ethic, engages others with a sort of contagion. Whether in the studio or on stage, he delivers a riveting, crisp and uncompromising performance.”

-John Shirley, Contributing Editor for Recording Magazine












“Good To You” is a groovalicious piece of dance pop from a man defending his honor in a relationship.  This tune will get inside your head and stay there. Cameen has a nice voice, vaguely reminiscent of Gerald Levert in his lower range.  “Good To You” gets a bit repetitive, pop/R&B often does, but the scant arrangement allows Cameen’s voice to shine.   Perhaps more important, Cameen has the personality of a front man, selling the song in most believable fashion.  Cameen and “Good To You” are a find.

Wildy Haskell





“Good To You” -Review

” Extremely catchy “- Keith Pro

Right from the start Cameen’s smooth, soulful vocals pop out at you, as the lyrics explain that he did no wrong to his lady. The stuttering like beat is infectious and will get your head bopping before you even know it’s happening. It’s relatively minimalistic but there is something about it that makes it extremely catchy. You will be humming this one way after the track is over.-

Keith Pro



You Sir,

have one heck of a voice, real depth and soul to it!


Very much enjoy the production of them.


Many thanks,


Tom Povall





Having experienced his brilliance first hand, “Cameen Copeland captivates audiences with a vibrant yet sensuous style, leaving them yearning for more and more….And on  ” CASH ” he guides you on a cruise, much like the ones many take during the summer months; Car washed, windows down and beats pumping ”-

Chloe Cataldo Co-owner of C.D.E of Boston (Charity events for disabled children)





“Cameen’s smooth sound and knowing lyrics reward the listener with an audio and visual experience like no other.”—

Joey P-, Engineer to the industry’s hottest artist: Jay-Z, Jagged Edge and Fabolous



“Cameen Copeland is both a talented vocalist and composer. And is definitely an artist worth keeping an eye on.” —

John Shirley- Contributing editor, Recording Magazine



“Imagine an urban R&B singer/songwriter melding pop,hip-hop and soul to make music that becomes your soundtrack for driving around, exercising, or hanging out with friends. Cameen has done that. With impressive writing, vocal range and high energy, Cameen is going places, and will take you with him.”-

Albert McKeon, The Telegraph


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