In a world that lacks compassion and soul, Cameen and his music are a breath of fresh air. He is an American contemporary R&B/Soul, singer and songwriter from Brooklyn, New York. A truly progressive artist, Cameen has always preferred to explore different genres and break new ground with his amazing talent.

Cameen’s trademark music is in a class of its own. He is a New England Music Awards Top Five Artist Of The Year Nominee, Host/Brand Ambassador and a recipient of the St Jude Children’s Medical Research participation award for his humanitarian work.


As a child he spent most of his time with his cousin, a great bass jazz musician, William Allen. He attended St. John’s University Of Queens, NY to play soccer. However, due to an untimely gunshot injury; he would complete his bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Sociology at Rivier University of NH.

Upon graduating he established his own startup business, CKC Entertainment Group, LLC. He became an advocate and supporter of his favorite charities, St. Jude, Shriners, Breast and Prostate Cancer, all while continuing to focus on his first love – music.

Humanitarian Efforts

His mission is to add more value to the lives of others through awareness and knowledge about St Jude, Shriners, Breast/Prostate Cancer, Autism, Cystic Fibrosis, Diabetes, Domestic Violence and HIV/AIDS. His ‘Cameen Cares Program’, contributes a portion of its annual proceeds from music performances, guest appearances and on line music and apparel sales to the aforementioned groups.

Music Albums

Cameen has recently returned to mainstream music with his newest album titled “My Creative Madness.” The most popular songs on the CD are Friday’s, Tell Me Why, Fake and My-Wisdom.  He will debut the album in addition to a few bonus tracks (Honey & Learn Me-IF) in South Beach Florida at some of Miami’s top notch clubs and from there grace audiences in Boston, Rhode Island, New York, Connecticut and Atlanta.

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